1. Bike and Bleed

    My cousin Apple was two years younger than me, but she was the first one who learned how to ride the bike. She taunted me, riding the bike around me saying, “I know how to bike; you don’t. Belat!”


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  2. Hindi Siya Mahina Dahil May Pekpek Siya

    Kung ang isang tao na babae ay mahina, hindi siya mahina dahil babae siya. Puwedeng mahina siya kasi di siya nag-eexercise. Puwedeng mahina siya dahil maliit ang katawan niya.

    Puwedeng hindi siya nag-eexercise at maliit ang katawan niya dahil pinalaki siya sa isang lipunan na hindi binibigyan ng permiso ang babae na magkaroon ng malaking katawan tulad ng lalaki.

    Puwedeng ang lipunan ay palaging…

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  3. Spending Time With You (The Alyza Edit)

    Spending Time With You (The Alyza Edit)

    (Note: My friend Alyza taught me about line cuts, and she made some edits to this poem which I posted here before)

    Spending time with you subtracts, creates
    a hole, as though I had spent no time
    with you, or instead had a negative number of life-
    times spent

    with you. Spending time
    with you makes me feel like I’m moving
    backwards, as though the more time I spend
    with you, the emptier
    of you my…

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  4. This anti-rape naiEveryone can contribute in his or her own small way.l polish thing

    This anti-rape naiEveryone can contribute in his or her own small way.l polish thing

    When I first heard about the nail polish that changes color when exposed to date rape drug, I shared it on my Facebook with the status, “Cool invention, but it makes me sad that women have to live defensively.” Even though I recognize that the invention provides certain benefits, there are aspects of the situation that we must examine and be critical about. I am not completely against such…

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  5. I Told Love

    Get out of me stay
    Inked on the page be
    manageable I told

    But there aren’t enough poems
    In me to exorcise
    And there aren’t enough poems
    In me to realize

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  6. Thought-Powered Magnet

    My mind holds a thought-powered

    Magnet that used to pull

    You to the right corridors of Ateneo–I’d think

    Of you and you’d materialize just to say


    You’d pass me by giving

    A second

    Of your smile, never knowing

    I willed you there, just so I can look

    On and stare.

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  7. Hey, sir! Hey, sir! Hey, sir!—said a female street harasser

    Hey, sir! Hey, sir! Hey, sir!–said a female street harasser

    Hey, sir! Good morning, mister! Hey, sexy boy! Good morning, mister! Anong masama, nag-gogood morning lang naman ako! Hey, pogi! Aba ang pogi naman natin! Hoy, gwapo! *Whistle* Musta na, manong gwapo? Hey, sexy boy!  Hey, sir!  Gumaganda talaga araw ko kapag nakakakita ng pogi! Hey, sir! Good morning, mister! Anong masama, nag-gogood morning lang naman ako! Hey, sexy boy! Hey, sir!  Hoy, gwapo!…

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  8. To Write with Ease

    I want to write. I want to find an easy writing prompt that will allow me to write, and write, and write, and keep on writing till I don’t know anymore what to write and what to say. I want to feel the fervor of a speedily written line. I want to feel the fervor of a thought that doesn’t think but only expresses, only feels, only loves, only speaks. I want to keep on writing like it’s spiritual.

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  9. Juancho the Little Indian Giver

    Juancho the Little Indian Giver

    When my cousin Juancho was really young, probably like 5 years old or something, he befriended our maid’s little son in Batangas. Juancho’s mother, Tita Girlie, just bought him lots of cheap plastic toys from the market, and a couple of torotot hats for New Year. For some sort of reason, Juancho started giving all his toys and hats to the other kid. He was like Ito sa iyo na ito, ito pa. We were…

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  10. My OMG I’m in the First World Moments

    My OMG I’m in the First World Moments

    Note: I posted this on my Facebook, and I decided to post it here too.

    My impressions of Las Vegas, Nevada:

    1.) All the houses look the same. When the plane was landing and I looked out the window, the houses looked like well arranged lego. It’s like an opening scene in Harry Potter where you see Hedwig swooping down to Harry’s window.
    2.) There’s a drive through ATM
    3.) There’s a drive through…

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